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Finanical Domination is my absolute favorite way to control, exploit, and manipulate my sugar daddies and losers into whatever I want. I'm a true MONEY FETISHIST so draining your wallet and knowing your sacrificing your cash to me is the HOTTEST thing in my book. Want to get me wet? Send me your CASH, and don't ask for anything in return! 

Findom Videos

I love using you as my personal wallet. You can give me your cash, access to your accounts, you can pay my bills, or we can play a game. I don't care HOW you give me your money as long as you do! Listen to some of my interviews about Financial Domination to learn more.

Get into Legal Debt with Bank of Harley

Financial Domination JOI Tribute Game

Financial Domination SPH Mind Fuck: All you are is a wallet

Financial Fuckery Vol 2: Mistress spends your $$$ on Christian Louboutins

Findom Hypnosis

Findom Non-Stop Edging Challenge

Findom VAMPIRE Drains your life and CASH

H cup TIT Addict: Findom Drain and JOI for my huge tits

Computer Control Takeover: Findom Rinsing & Blackmail

Financial Domination 1: Give Mistress your CASH


I Accept ALL TRIBUTES of any amount, however if you want to SERVE ME you need to tribute enough to be noticed.


  • $50 gets a RESPONSE from me

  • $100 and I'll send you a SFW photo

  • $200 and I'll consider giving you a bill to pay

  • MINIMUM $100/ weekly for ongoing paypig privileges (chat, responsibilities, and public attention). 

  • $200 Legal Debt Contract

  • ​     You agree to pay me a specified amount of money in weekly or monthly increments at an interest rate that we agree on. Debt contracts are legally enforceable.
  • SEE FAQS for more info



  • Cash Point Meet: $100 deposit via website, minimum $100 cash

  • Shopping: $100 deposit, minimum $200 budget



1. Do you do Cash Point Meets, Wallet Raids, or ATM drains in real time?

Yes. You can meet me in a varity of locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, or in the cities I'm visiting when I travel. Keep en eye on my Twitter Feed for my locations, or you can contact me directly to arrange a meet. I require a good faith deposit of $100 for a Cash Meet and a minimum of $100 cash during the meet. 


2. How much is the legal debt contract for? How long do I have to pay it back? What is the interest rate? 

Some notes: All contracts are drawn up by a lawyer and there is a $200 fee that is for the LAWYER that goes to draw up your contract

All contracts have to be signed & notarized to prove your identity, you may not sign a debt contract under a false name or using someone else's name

Interest Rate & Repayments are determined by YOU, I recommend you use a loan calculator like this one to figure out what you can afford in terms of interest.

For your FIRST Debt contract with me repayment must be complete in 1 year. After establishing yourself I may choose to offer you extended terms or a second contract.

The next steps would be:

1. Figure out what kind of interest rate is affordable for you

2. Send me a $200 tribute for the lawyer with the terms you would like for the contract (IE: $2000 over 1 year at 10%). You must provide your name and address for the contract.

3. I give your info to the lawyer, the contract gets drawn up

4. I send the contract to you, you sign & notarize it, and send it back to me ( a copy/ scanned is fine)

3. Why don't you take paypal, bank transfers, amazon gift cards, or other forms of payment I want to use? 

 A: Most Payment service providers like PayPal don't support the adult industry or anyone who makes money doing anything that they consider "adult" by their puritanical standards. Watch my video here on why PayPal sucks and you should NEVER use them to tribute. This goes for all payment methods that I don't accept such as square, stripe, google wallet, etc. 

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